Training Schedule
Geothermal Education Excellence (GEx) presents:
"Company Man for Geothermal"
The class wil be held:
@ Swissbel Hotel, Pondok Indah
@ 14-16 November 2017
This course will be led by GEx Excellent Speaker with following topics to be covered:
- Casing setting depth for geothermal application considering its boiling point for depth (BPD) and formation fracture pressure 
- Typical casing grades, sizes and connection in geothermal condition 
- Load cases applied for casing to serve geothermal wells during drilling and production 
- Service Condition and Failure Mode 
- Selected examples of casing design and operation for geothermal in Indonesia 
To participate in this training, prerequisites as follow:
This course is open to all who have interest in Geothermal. Engineers, students, managers, technical sales are welcome to this course. A basic understanding of wellbore geometry, well construction, casing design and operation concepts in oil and gas application would be a benefit. The course will focus on geothermal casing design application.
For more information or to register, please contact:
PT. Olinesia Energi Sejati 
Mobile : 0813 8227 0363 (SMS/WhatsApp) 
Email :