Training Schedule
"Systematic Basin Study for Opportunity Identification"
The class wil be held:
@ The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor, Indonesia
@ 17-19 November 2017
This course will be led by IGTC Excellent Speaker with following topics to be covered:
1. Principle of Exploration 
2. Exploration Method 
3. Petroleum System Elements  (charge, reservoir, trap)  

4. Play Mapping 
5. Common Risk Segment Mapping 
6. Dry Hole Analysis

Our trainer is a senior exploration geologist, who has more than twenty years of wide range exploration experiences from near field to frontier setting, both onshore and offshore. Areas of exploration include Central Asia (Common Independent States / Former Soviet Union contries) and Southeast Asian countries. Focus area in the last two years includes South China Sea, Eastern Indonesia and West SEAsia margin projects. As principal exploration geoscientist in the new venture team, he was responsible for identifying and maturing opportunities. Currently based in home country, Indonesia. He started a social enterprise in geoscience called Indogeo. The experiences I gained in several posting locations, such as Indonesia, Brunei, the Netherlands, and Malaysia, stimulate a number of activities for the social enterprise.
To participate in this training, prerequisites as follow:
Participants are Explorationists with 2-3 years of experience or other Geoscientists who start working on exploration project.
For more information or to register, please contact:
PT. Olinesia Energi Sejati 
Mobile : 0813 8227 0363 (SMS/WhatsApp) 
Email :