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GEx Course: Casing Design for Geothermal
@ Swissbel Hotel, Pondok Indah
@ 26-27 August 2017
GEx as a part of OliNesia Training Division, has launched its first Course of the Geothermal Learning Series. It was a 2-day course with objective to give understanding of the casing design in Geothermal application. The course was attended by participants with various backgrounds and level of experience. All the sessions were led by a professional in Geothermal industry which also is a guest lecturer in a one of the most recognized University in Indonesia.
The course addressed the Casing Design concept and examine the nomenclature of casing, material properties and material selection. Casing load cases were also discussed with participants, along with design policies and procedures. Not to forget the instructor gave time to practice some calculation to get a deeper understanding and better learning curve for the participants.
At the end of the course, we expect that participants has enjoyed and had fun in all sessions. OliNesia looks forward to next course in the Geothermal Learning Series to follow the success of "Casing Design for Geothermal" in delivering the material and at the same time got positive recognition from participants. Once again, OliNesia would like to thank all the participants for their active contribution in the class. We hope the course had transferred the knowledge successfully to you and may the success be with you in your career. Most mportant thing, we also hope that this tiny moment can add up another competent personnel to contribute in Indonesia Geothermal development. 
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